Sunday, August 5, 2012

What My Summer is About

In no particular order, here is what my summer has been about;

1) Growing my Hair

Its been challenging but i must admit, I am enjoying it! What an interesting journey to see my hair in it natural state. Yes! Its my first time having natural hair. My hair has been permed for as long as i can remember. A lot of people don't understand it and that's OK. I'm satisfied and that's what counts!

2) Nude Nails

Literally! Haven't had a polish in in a very long while! You'd think that dye ruining it semi permanently while i was faux ombreing my weave would inspire a mani but No. This girl is just indifferent.

3) Emma Stone

Love me some Emma Stone! From the first time i saw her in house bunny to her role in spider-man. Always knew she was a talent, Glad Hollywood sees that now. Red head or Blonde, Dressed up or down. She's my girl! What I love the most about her is how different she is. Like Coco Chanel (My great grandma) said "In order to be irreplaceable, One must be different"

4) My Bible
My pathway, my guide. I'm lost without it. Getting to know the word more. Finished the books of Proverbs  and Ecclesiastes. My favorite books in the bible. I'm om Isaiah now and i must admit, its going a bit slow. But slowly but surely!

4) My Bizniz

Been switching between designer and business manager hats. Its Exhausting but totally worth it "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men"

6) Youtubing
OK, not really but I've been mentally trying to motivate myself to put up a video on my account which I've had for um mm let's just say a few months

7) Junk Binge-ing

Not a good thing. Let's just say the only healthy thing I've had is the vegetable in fried rice and the occasional fruit. Carbs are my fr-enemies at the moment and i'm slowly trying to transit. So help me God!

8) NYSC/Vacay
I don't even know how possible a vacation is at this point. Between NYSC and my business, It looks like I might be getting more acquainted with Lagos (Upside down smiley)

9) Style network and E shows

Even as I type this, I feel like an housewife and a tad ashamed. A few months ago I wouldn't even think of watching "The Amandas" or "Bridalplasty" but now i find myself being sucked in and the fact I find Jenessa and her alliance interesting or psycho analyzing Kim's relationships on reruns of the Kardashians is frankly in my booKs a cry for help.

10) The Kids!
Many may not know this but I teach Sunday school to 3-5 year olds at my church. It has been rewarding in so many ways. I love these kids so much that it doesn't feel like a chore. Sometimes, I feel a little selfish because of the fulfillment I feel being with these kids.

So, For those that have been wandering where Bibi is and what she has been up to. There you go!
Although this is not an excuse, I;m not promising to post regularly but I will make more of an effort and make the posts worthy of your time! Deal?
Summer is almost over now. I hope you guys have had and are still having and amazing summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fela Tee

 I know its been a while I've posted here, been harassed about it but its with good reason. Hopefully, I'll start blogging frequently soon. This has to be one of my favorite tee shirts. I've worn it in so many ways. This time, i decided to go with my ankara pants (they have to be the most comfortable thing.. so much

Excuse my eyebrows, trying out a new shape so I'm growing it out

Earrings: Ice
Bracelet: F21
Watch: DKNY

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shop Lady BiBa

Sorry for the lack of posts. Its with good reason though as I have been working on my fashion line, I also sold at LPM last sunday. While my website is being worked on, my pieces can be shopped via my blogstore. Please check it out Lady BiBa Blog Click on the Blogstore on the header to shop the pieces. The good news is we deliver at a very reasonable cost. Here are some pictures of what to find there.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rock and Role Model: MaryKate and Ashley Olsen

This is a new feature I'm adding to the blog. I'm always inspired by young people who are doing things. I feed into their success stories and use it to channel my own passion. Most of the role models I would feature are those in the fashion industry.

MaryKate and Ashley Olsen popularly called "the Olsen twins" need no introduction as they have been in the media as early as they could pronounce words. I loved watching them and reading their little books "Two of a kind" and "So little time" ring a bell anyone?? Its amazing how far they have come since then, how they branched out from teen stars to mature adults making it in the fashion industry.
Textile Spring 2012 lookbook

Their fashion line Elizabeth and James, The Row and Textile have been such a big hit with 20 year olds all around. I for one am a big fan of their work and brand in general.

Hope you enjoyed this feature, Next up is Lauren Conrad!
I would also love to do on African role models too once I get enough material to do so!

Hey! I'm on Pinterest

Hey All! I'm sorry once again for my lack of posts, I love you all that keep coming despite that and its apparent you love me too as you keep coming back. Here is to sharing the love! Talking about sharing the love, you can by hitting the google friend connect button at the left side and by sharing your wonderful comments in the comment box below! Love feedback. Also, for those on pinterest, there's a button there for you too. Pinterest is a fabulous social networking site that I've been becoming more accustomed to daily. If you want an invite, leave your email in the comment box! I was on the waiting list for about a week when I decided to join months back and I'm not regretting that decision!
I presently have no one to take photos of myself for the blog. Considered teaching the houseboy to use my cam but the thought of my dslr smashing down and a bunch of "I'm sorry" interrupts that line of thought so that's that on that.
Hopefully i plan to do a pastry trial/tutorial this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed

Thursday, March 15, 2012

After AMFW

The Arise Magazine Fashion Week has been over for 3 days now. I was part of the core team for the daily that was being shared at the event. This was my first work experience, prior to this has been internships. It was a wonderful yet hectic experience. Would try to get the soft copies of the magazines to show you all that did not attend the event. However, If you got sunday's Thisday newspaper, It was in it. Right now, I'm on Lady BiBa duty. Still in the sampling production stage for the debut collection to be released pretty soon  (watch this space). Anyhoo, Here are some of my outfits for the AMFW, Actually for the first and last  2 days as i did not have time in between to pose for any camera. May try to wear them again and do a little shoot just for you guys to see!

Photos by Mode Aderinokun



Day 1
Jumpsuit: H&M
Earrings: F21

Day 5
Kimono blouse: River Island
Earring: F21

Day Last
Dress: Lady BiBa
Necklace: F21
Rings: F21
Belt: Vintage (From mum)
Beaded purse: Aldo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Red roses too

The post title is a line from Michael Buble's rendition of Wonderful world whom I've been listening to all day. As its sunday, I'm tidying up work for last week and getting ready for the new week. Its going to be hectic as Arise Magazine Fashion Week is already here but I'm looking forward to it nevertheless!

I'm wearing a top from New look. The fit is too amazing and i suspect its because of its vintage cut.  
"They don't make em like this anymore"

I plan to deconstruct the top and use it as a pattern for my designs. The cut i feel is 50's inspired (My favorite era). An era where the woman's body was accentuated the most. The pants and necklace are from h&m.

Have a wonderful week!!